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Introducing the 1st Personal Microdermabrasion Machine that uses real crystal and vacuum to improve appearance of aging skin. The NEW Crystalift Microderm System.

Crystalift is not another cream, but a revolutionary counter-top machine
offering a true at home alternative to spending thousands of $$$ at skin care salons.





Reveal radiant, healthy-looking skin in less than 10 minutes... GUARANTEED!


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Your Crystalift Package Includes:

  • Crystalift System
  • Complete Refill Series
  • Instructional DVD
  • Money back guarantee







"A single microderm costs as much as this entire machine." - NBC News


"Crystalift Microdermabraison gives you near-professional results" - Newsweek Magazine



Read more about how Crystalift's amazing new crystal microdermabrasion with vacuum-lift technology is revolutionizing the way people take care of their skin.

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