What Experts Say...
  "The Crystalift System is truly REVOLUTIONARY!...I've had the opportunity to evaluate hundreds of products over my career and Crystalift marks a great advancement in personal skin care. It is the next generation system to help patients reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots... giving your skin a healthy, radiant glow."

Lawrence M. David, M.D., Dermatologist/Cosmetic Surgeon - Los Angeles, CA
Past President & Founder, International Society of Laser Cosmetic Surgeons

  "One of the great benefits of the Crystalift System is that because it is a home unit, it's something that you know patients can use whenever they need it, they don't have to to make an appointment, they don't have to schedule time away from work...it's there at home and it's easy and convenient."

Gregory Mueller, M.D., Plastic Surgeon - Beverly Hills, CA
  "Compared to other products calling themselves microdermabrasion we find that the Crystalift offers true microdermabrasion technology... utilizing both vacuum and crystals to gently and safely remove dead skin cells, providing people with a more youthful, healthy skin appearance.

Carolyn O'Connor R.N., Director of Aesthetic Rx - Hermosa Beach, CA